• Image of Soap Bars 6 oz., or Goat Milk soap 5 oz

All of our handcrafted soaps are made with hand-rendered beef tallow. They are Palm Oil Free and scented with either essential oils or Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils.
Our round soap bars are made with locally sourced Goat Milk.
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  • Citrus Surprise (Grapefruit) GOAT MILK
    1 in stock
  • Eucalyptus spearmint
    5 in stock
  • Ginger
    9 in stock
  • Honey Almond
    4 in stock
  • Honey Almond GOAT MILK
    2 in stock
  • Lavender Vanilla GOAT MILK
    0 in stock
  • One Love
    1 in stock
  • Spindrift (ocean scent)
    5 in stock