• Image of Pure, Unfiltered Native Connecticut Honey
  • Image of Pure, Unfiltered Native Connecticut Honey

The bees have been busy ... 2018 Honey is here! Both spring (light) and fall (darker) available.

1 LB GLASS JARS of honey are available for purchase at my favorite local businesses during their normal business hours.

For other sizes or to arrange delivery or pickup within the state of CT, please contact us at WaggleDanceApiary@gmail.com
Honey can not be shipped.

Yes Fitness
292 Spielman Highway
(Burlington Commons Shopping Center)
Burlington, CT 06013

Studio Hair
731 Farmington Ave.
Bristol, CT 06010

Nye Insurance Agency
273 Central St
Bristol, CT 06010

General facts about honey:
Pure Honey WILL CRYSTALIZE over time. To re-liquify, place tightly capped honey jar into a warm water bath. Crystalization is accelerated with colder temperatures.

Do not refrigerate. Do not microwave.

CT Honey color varies with the season, generally starting out light in the spring and progressing to darker and redder hues toward fall as the floral sources of nectar change.

Warning: Never feed honey to infants under one year of age.


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  • 1 lb glass jar
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  • 2 lb glass jar
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